Our Mission

To build CAREERS worth having,

BUSINESSES worth owning,

LIVES worth living,

EXPERIENCES worth giving, and

LEGACIES worth leaving.

Our Value


then business.

Our Vision

To be the real estate


for agents and their customers.

Our Perspective





Keller Williams thinks like a top producer,

acts like a trainer-consultant,

and focuses all its activities on service,

productivity, and profitability.

Our Belief

WIN-WIN: or no deal

INTEGRITY: do the right thing

CUSTOMERS: always come first

COMMITMENT: in all things

COMMUNICATION: seek first to understand

CREATIVITY: ideas before results

TEAMWORK: together everyone achieves more

TRUST: starts with honesty

EQUITY: opportunities for all

SUCCESS: results through people.

Reasons to Get a Keller Williams Franchise

Are you thinking of expanding your real estate business and improving other people’s lives?
Real estate franchising may be the answer.

The franchising industry has significantly grown in the country. Many Cambodian have started investing in a franchise due to their convenience and promising opportunities for business growth. Today, the most popular businesses franchised are food carts or food stands. But there is more to franchising than food alone, as real estate business franchises are slowly gaining the spotlight.

One of the exciting opportunities in local real estate currently in the country is Keller Williams Cambodian operations.

With over 30 years of experience, Keller Williams has become the world’s largest real estate franchise, with over 800 market centers across the globe and over 150,000 associates. Now, Keller Williams is extending its expertise in Asia with a new master franchise in Cambodia. Backed by a pool of exceptional leaders with more than 15 years of experience in real estate development, you are sure to acquire the Keller Williams advantage.

Here are reasons why Keller Williams is the perfect choice
to grow your real estate business:


Proven Models and Systems

Keller Williams established an excellent business system of interdependence where a mutual interest in success drives associates and the company. They reward their associates through Profit Share and Growth Share systems that recognize their commitment to propel the company toward sustainable growth.

Surviving the real estate crash in the 2000s, they are confident in their time-tested economic model that provides an opportunity for growth to all the owners, investors, and associates.

Targeting efficiency and productivity, they also assist their franchisees in finding the best people for every role through their proven recruitment systems, helping them build a thriving business geared toward profitability.


Comprehensive Training Programs

Due to their commitment to education and continuous improvement, they have been named a top training organization by Training Magazine for four consecutive years. In 2016, Training magazine named Keller Williams the number one training organization across all industries worldwide.

Keller Williams founder Gary Keller describes the company as “a training and coaching company that also happens to be in the real estate business.” That is how seriously they are honing brokers to be on their game. They offer conventional classroom training, online training, and coaching programs that deliver ample learning opportunities worldwide.


Powerful Culture

Keller Williams is very keen on awarding a Market Center Franchise. They must ensure that they share the same brand’s vision and mission.

Their mission is “to be the real estate company of choice for agents and their customers,” in line with their vision “to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning lives worth living, experiences worth giving, and legacies worth leaving.”

Backed by an influential culture of teamwork, creativity, trust, commitment, communication, and integrity, Keller Williams Realty is all set to become the leading real estate brokerage in the country.


Continuous Growth

Having established its name in 50+ international regions, Keller Williams is no ordinary real estate brokerage company.

The company has remarkably grown since the opening of its first office in 1983. They had 32 agents that year who closed $28 million in sales. In 2017, the company’s 155,000 U.S. agents closed more than 1 million units, generating more than $300 billion in sales revenue.

They continue cultivating an agent-centric, education-based, technology-driven culture that rewards associates as stakeholders. The company also provides specialized agents in luxury homes and commercial real estate properties.

Get the Keller Williams advantage and be part of the proven global success of Keller Williams now!

KW Cambodia

Keller Williams | Keller Williams Framework

A company that promotes the growth and success of real estate agents.

Gary Keller co-founded the company in 1983 with Joe Williams. As a “business for real estate agents,” we will establish a vibrant work atmosphere for them. Our objective is to develop a profession in which we can be proud, a business with social value, a life without regrets, unforgettable experiences, and a legacy worthy of passing on to future generations.

Gary Keller | Creator of Keller Williams

We are modeling "success" and developing KW's distinctive training approach.

Co-founder Gary Keller interviewed top real estate agents with high yearly brokerage commission sales based on their expertise as top agents. Consequently, individuals who comprehend “success” have a similar mentality. In the United States, the book “MREA (Millionaire Real Estate Agent),” which modeled and described it, became a success.

Real Estate Agent | Keller Williams Real Estate Agent

Guard the interests of our customers and acquire their trust.

Real estate agents are expected to safeguard and heighten their customer’s interests. To do this, we supply our customers with the most up-to-date information and give the finest advice based on our broad expertise and knowledge. By carrying out these tasks, we will establish credibility. At KW, we refer to a great agent prioritizing the customer above everything else as having Keller Williams quality.

Market Centers | KW Merchants

An "environment" that facilitates the development and success of agents.

Each agent at Keller Williams is affiliated with a local Keller Williams market center and offers customers the finest information and services. Keller Williams market centers assist all agents by using all the systems and resources that Keller Williams has developed. Agents can serve customers with fair treatment and accurate information because they have a safe environment to pursue success.

The Keller Model | Keller's DNA

MREA models a unique system for each person.

KW’s specialized training and latest IT tools help agents. We defined the “objective” by sharing not just our knowledge but also our mindset. Furthermore, agent’s productivity and profitability are increased by using a system that emulates the “good habits” of successful people. We will extend the global know-how of “success as a real estate agent” across Cambodia.

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